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There are so many teams and ways that you can serve God and the Body of Christ here at Calvary Chapel.


God has a calling for each and every one of us and has blessed us all with gifts and talents to work together for the glory of his kingdom.


Find your place and how you can give back to the community and call Calvary Chapel home.


Our Evangelism team are passionate to see the lost saved, they go to the streets for a period of 12 weeks at a time knocking on doors and praying for those they see. They teach and pray with each member of the team before going on their mission, expectant of the fruits of their labour.

Worship at Calvary Church

Hearts Of Praise

Our Worship team have a passion for worship. They continually worship the King of kings and the Lord of lords. They join together to pray for His presences so they can lead others to His presences without any hindrance. We enjoy Arabic and English songs through our  Hearts of Praise Team.

Rising Generation

Now is the time for a new season for the young generation. A new season to learn and understand the Word of God in a deep and intimate way. There is a strong call for the young generation to know and serve God like never before. This generation will rise up into new leaders, not only in this church but in this city and in this nation.

Bible Study

There are a few different Bible Studies around the city, some in homes and some at church.

Bible Studies are held every second Wednesday.

Contact us to find one near you.

Prayer Team

Our prayer team are warriors. They take every ministry and service very seriously. They come together to pray without ceasing. The heart's desire is to see that our church, families and city come to know and belong to Jesus Christ.

Calvary Kids

Our team of teachers are dedicated to train a child in the way of the Lord so when they grow up they do not depart from it. Our team of teachers believe that the next generation are in their hands and wish to mold and influence them for the future, to grow in Christ.

Sound & AV Team

The Kings and Queens behind the scenes. Our Sound and AV team serve the church and God by making the services run as smooth as possible and by making everyone else look good. Their technical skill and commitment is second to none.

Women's Ministry

Our Ladies Meeting get up to lots of fun during the week. From lunches to just spending some quality time with each other and sharing from God's Word.

Ladies Meetings are on twice a month.

Media Ministry

Each member of the Media team is aware of the importance of the output of their production, they are aware that people around the world will be watching and receiving form the Lord through their work. By their great effort we are on YouTube & Facebook Live delivering a message of hope to the World.

Food Bank

Hunger is largely a hidden social problem and many victims suffer in silence. Each year two million people rely on food relief around half of them are children. We, as a community church, feel it is a privilege to be able to serve such people as our Saviour both did and teaches us to do.


Our ushers and welcomers are the first friendly faces you meet when you come to church. They set the tone before you enter into the presence of God with a sense of community. 


Almost every public holiday we try to get together as a community and go out to do something fun. From bbq's and picnics to having a day out on the beach.

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