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Worship at Calvary Church


We are first and foremost a group of worshippers and then musicians/singers/technicians. 

We are a group of worshippers passionate about God's presence. Nothing is ever the same when Jesus arrives on the scene and we believe that as we worship Him, He reveals Himself! 


Every time we worship, our mandate is to move His heart and change the face of the earth so that His kingdom expands. 


We want people to collide with heaven every time we worship!


We'd love you to join us and together, lift up heartfelt worship 'fit for the King.

We are committed and connected to our home church Arabic Calvary Chapel but our mandate is to advance God’s kingdom through worship everywhere!

Our values and priorities:

  • His presence is our number one priority. God is enthroned and dwells wherever His people worship him in Spirit and Truth- Ps 22:3/ John 4:24

  • Our aim is to minister to the Lord as priests and satisfy His heart through our worship- 1 Peter 2:9 / Deut 18:5. This comes before our “ministry to people”, but obviously informs why we serve others.

  • Everything we do in worship is to advance His kingdom and invite His reign on earth just as it is in heaven, so we want our worship to change the atmosphere of our land- Matt 6:10

  • Submission in service. We are accountable to our pastor and the team is accountable to the worship team leaders. We are also called to submit to one another in love- Eph 5:21 / Heb 13:17

  • Love is our guiding principle. Lovers of God and lovers of people- 1 Cor 13:2

  • Unity is REALLY important to us – We can achieve nothing without united hearts Ps 133 -1-3

  • Excellence in our gifting. We bring our best before the King- Psalm 33:3

The heart far outweighs the gifting! Our character and the state of our heart is just as important if not more important than our gifting- 1 Sam 16:7


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